Patient Testimonial

Herb McRae

Finding the Luck of the Irish at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital

You’d never guess that Herb McRae was 77 years old from looking at his active lifestyle-- daily walks, playing golf, working in the yard, and traveling with his wife Carol. Herb was looking forward to his anniversary trip to Ireland with Carol when deteriorating knee cartilage threatened to delay or even cancel the trip. After several unsuccessful attempts with steroid injections, Herb followed through with a bilateral knee replacement to keep living the independent life he loved.

Carol knew that for Herb to be back on his feet in time for their anniversary trip, he would need physical rehabilitation and started doing her research. On February 3, 2015, Herb had surgery and became an inpatient at HealthSouth Tallahassee three days later. Upon arrival Herb wore knee immobilizers due to lack of strength in his quadriceps and needed assistance with basic daily tasks such as getting in and out of bed and standing.

Herb’s personal goals of walking outside, working in the yard, playing golf and being able to walk with his wife in Ireland, empowered him to tackle his therapy and rely on his rehabilitation team for guidance. He knew he had work to do and followed his care plan closely, pushing and challenging himself even through soreness and discomfort.

“Herb worked really hard, even when he didn’t fully understand why certain exercises were important, he would still do it,” said Christen Hecking, certified occupational therapy assistant. “We were able to modify movements to help with any discomfort and still get the same results and he was very appreciative.”

Upon leaving HealthSouth, just ten days later, Herb was able to walk independently with a cane. Now at home where he is able to drive short distances and do household chores, Herb is happy to be able to help Carol while her mother is currently an inpatient at HealthSouth Tallahassee.

Herb’s most immediate goals are to be in his yard doing work and on the green working on his golf swing. In the meantime, Carol and Herb prepare to travel to Ireland to celebrate their anniversary where they will walk hand-in-hand.